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Hat Blocks for Sale

J. Matthew Phipps | October 5, 2014 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

We’ve started selling our hat blocks. I’ve been spending free time cleaning and cataloging the Houston shipment of blocks. At this point, I’m about 20% through. We have some wonderful pieces, mostly domes and brims of various sizes and shapes. We spent yesterday at the Longbranch Improvement Club’s Fiber Arts Fair. There was a lot of interest in the hat blocks. They are very tactile and people couldn’t help but touch them.

The blocks and brim flanges will be SHOW priced between $50 to $100, depending upon shape and quality, with a break for buying a combo of crown and brim. Contact me at matt@greyfalconproductions.com

2014-10-04 10.15.14

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Over 2 Tons of Hat Blocks

J. Matthew Phipps | July 19, 2014 | COMMENTS:No Comments »

On a little bit of whim, I took a trip to Texas to inspect the contents of a closed hat factory. As a result I’ve acquired over a 1000 wooden hat blocks and flanges from a closed hat factory. They are a combo of domes, western, and men’s hat styles. As of today, they are in transit to my location in Washington.

The plan is to sell many of them, and I’m working on a plan to lease sets on a deposit and return mail model, or a trade basis, if you have an interesting block I might borrow, I’ll loan you one of mine.

These are the pictures I took in Texas. I snapped more pictures of the brim/flange blocks than the crowns.  They’ll be cleaned up and cataloged, and we’ll list them in a few locations. But, contact me if you have an interest in wheeling and dealing.

I was also very lucky to acquire a Singer sweat band sewing machine. How incredible was this trip?

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